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Street Country was set up by Ruth Street in 2011 to provide a range of specialist teaching resources and services to help children and schools engage with the natural world.

It aims to:

  • teach children about the natural world
  • foster a sense of appreciation of the natural environment and a sense of responsibility towards looking after it
  • organise and run activities for children both in schools and in the field
  • design site specific resources
  • create resources for environmental education
  • train teachers and work with schools to help them use the outdoor environment more confidently and effectively
  • embed knowledge of the local natural environment into the school curriculum
  • Promote children’s well being through engagement with the natural world
  • Encourage children to learn new skills, develop their individual learning and manage risk

Street Country

Ruth Street lives in West Sussex where she enthusiastically shares her love of wildlife and the environment with children and young people.

She is a trained primary school teacher who worked for Chichester Harbour Conservancy for 15 years as a field teacher.
More recently, she has completed her Level 3 Forest School Leaders training.


To find out more about Ruth and Street Country then please view Ruth's Qualifications and Experience page or read a handful of Testimonials from people with first hand experience of working with Street Country


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