Bersted Park is a housing estate with the A259 Bognor bypass as its outer boundary.
There are large areas that cannot be built on and Arun District Council are managing these in an environmentally friendly way.
The area is generally low lying and as part of the flood management for the estate, a lake has been created.

It is surrounded by wetland habitats and planted with native wetland species. There are several small fields which have been improved by planting native wild flower species.
The area has a number of streams and drainage ditches which connect to Aldingbourne Rife and are home to some rare species, including the water vole.

Conservation area in Bognor RegisBersted Park is good for investigating:

  • Wetland habitats
  • Pond creatures
  • Wetland species identification
  • Wetland management
  • Rare species conservation
  • Flood management
  • World War II history
  • Crafts using natural materials
  • Human impact on the environment

Meeting Point:

Bersted Park Community Centre
Lakeland Avenue
Bognor Regis
PO21 5FF


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