We offer whole or half day outdoor learning sessions in 4 locations that meet the requirements of the National Curriculum.
The locations are Acorn Wood, Bersted Park estate conservation areas, Felpham beach and Hotham Park.

Below are examples of what we can offer but we are happy to create programmes that meet your specific requirements. Different subject elements can be combined into one programme. There are many more opportunities that we can provide so please contact us to discuss possibilities.

There are toilet facilities at each location. Please ensure that the children come in clothing appropriate for the weather conditions on the day. We can put up a tarpaulin to give some shelter but if you are unhappy with the weather forecast, please contact us to discuss the best plan of action.


House For a MouseKS1 Percy the Park Keeper story ‘After the Storm’
Explore what happens after the animal’s homes are destroyed by a storm and create your own animal homes.
Other story based programmes
KS2 Use the senses to stimulate creative writing.
Activities can include using story finger puppets, making homes for woodland creatures, responding to the environment with creative language to write poetry.


KS1 Discover pattern, size and shape.
KS2 Explore interesting ways to measure the dimensions of trees using estimation, measuring and area.
Activities can include leaf and bark rubbings, comparing size and shape of different leaves, measuring tree trunks and estimating height.


Creating spiders and their websKS1 & 2
Interpret the natural environment creatively using a variety of natural materials.
Activities can include using clay, weaving natural materials, creating prints, using natural materials to create patterns and pictures, making things out of wood


Habitats for KS1 & 2
Find out about the underwater world of the pond.
Explore the miniature world of minibeasts.
Discover how woodland trees, plants, birds and animals are all interconnected.
Find out about the world of the rocky shore.
Discover a variety of wetland habitats.
Activities can include pond dipping, minibeast hunting, rock pooling, identification skills, creating habitat, food chains, adaptation and life cycles.


Life on the rocky shoreKS1 Create a pictorial map.
KS2 Create a tree trail by identifying the trees, mapping their position, finding out facts about them and planning a trail.
Activities can include measuring the tides, using and creating maps, finding out about rivers, coastal sea defences, wetland flood management and woodland management.


There are a number of historical themes that could be followed from the Romans through to World War II
Activities can include identifying historical features in the landscape and finding out about their significance.


KS1 Explore sounds associated with the weather
KS2 Use instruments and natural materials to experiment with different sounds and rhythms inspired by the natural world.


WW2 Pill Box£150 for a half day visit for up to 30 children

Gifted and Talented

Workshops can be provided for groups of gifted and talented pupils to challenge their higher order thinking skills with like-minded peers.

Themes include:

  • Conservation of endangered species – water voles
  • Rivers and water management
  • Habitats
  • Crafts using natural materials – dyeing, weaving, printing


Please contact us to discuss your requirements

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