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In School EducationRuth Street became interested in water voles while she was working at Chichester Harbour.
Water voles are an endangered species and have been almost wiped out through predation by American mink, habitat loss and pollution.
However, there is a small native, wild population that has survived on the coastal plain south of Chichester.

Ruth wanted to do something to help their conservation and encourage children to become involved, so she wrote an information book for children about them which she published herself.

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Water Vole Workshop

We have a local conservation success story!

Book on Water VolesFind out why water voles have survived in our local environment when they have been wiped out from most of the rest of Sussex.
This workshop explores how water voles live, why they have become endangered and what is being done to help them.
The workshop includes a PowerPoint presentation using photos from the book with various linked activities to explore wetland food chains, adaptations and interdependence.

In small groups, pupils play a water vole board game which highlights the issues.

Designed for 6-11 year olds, this workshop caters for 30 pupils

This covers habitat, life cycle, adaptations, food chains and conservation issues. It contains photos, information sheets, worksheets, lesson plans and school activity ideas.

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Non-Fiction Author Workshop

Explore the story of how to write a nonfiction book from research to publication, inspiring children to be nonfiction writers in a few easy steps.
Using the book, ‘Water Voles’ by Ruth as a starting point, the children will write and design the layout of their own book page and then join them together to make a class book.

‘Water Voles’ books can be made available for parents and children to purchase at a discount.

Designed for 6 – 11 year olds, this workshop caters for 30 children.

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Rivers Workshop

riversWater is essential to life! But an insufficient or excessive amount can cause devastation.
This workshop explores rivers and the water cycle and examines the issues of water management, particularly flood prevention. It uses a model of a river system to demonstrate the effect on housing of prolonged rainfall and flash flooding.

The issues can be demonstrated more effectively by combining this workshop with an educational visit to Bersted Park estate conservation areas to see the measures taken to prevent flooding to houses built on low lying land.

Designed for 8 – 11 year olds, this workshop caters for 30 children.

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Water Voles Book by Ruth Street

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